2022 Registration is Now Open

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What is the average temperature during this time of year?

Well, the AVERAGE temperature is mid-60s. However, that average could easily include 80 degrees as well as 35 degrees! The weather is just part of the fun. The average temp in September in Linn Valley is 66’ for a high and the low 33’. Runners are tough and can brave whatever mother nature decides for that day!

Are walkers allowed?

We do not have a separate category for walkers, but many people walk the course. All walkers are welcome!!!

Where is the best place for family and friends to cheer?

There will be places along the route for spectators to watch. The roads will be closed during the race so be sure you find a spot to cheer before the roads are closed.

Is the course hilly?

Most of the course is flat. However, there are some killer hills on both ends of the dam.


Registration is available online until the Wednesday before the race. After that, registration is available at packet pickup. T-shirts are not guaranteed with race day registration.


When is packet pickup?

Early Packet Pick-up is the Friday before the race at the Linn Valley Clubhouse (6 Lakeview Lane, Linn Valley, KS) from 4-7pm. Pre-race packet pick-up will begin at 6:45am on race day. An ID is not required, and you may pick up another participant’s packet for them.


Parking & Transportation

ARRIVE EARLY! The roads will be closed before the race begins so you may not be able to get through if you arrive late. Parking will be located in the Clubhouse parking lot. Signs will be up to direct you to the Clubhouse from the entrance to Linn Valley.

What time does the race start?

The race starts at 8:00 am, The Kiddie Dash starts at 9:30 am and will be held at the west end of the Clubhouse near the finish line.

Can I wear headphones, push strollers or bring my dog?

The course is along closed roads. Some traffic may be allowed through by law enforcement as needed so headphones may be worn, just make sure you are aware of your surroundings. Strollers are allowed on the course. Animals are WELCOME on the course, there is a Dog Registration to get your pup in the racing spirit.

Will there be finish line entertainment?

We will have music and an emcee at the finish line. In addition, awards will be distributed at the finish line. The Clubhouse will also be open at the finish line for post- race fun and raffle ticket drawings and breakfast for all participants. Spectators can purchase breakfast for $5.


Awards will NOT be mailed. Everyone will receive a participation medal at the finish line.  There will be a tent at the finish line where awards will be presented to the top three Male and top three Female finishers.

Will there be a medical tent or other emergency plans in place?

Yes, medical and emergency personnel will be onsite.

What is the distance between water stations?

There will be a water station at each mile.

Will there be food and drink at the finish?

There will be an assortment of treats at the finish line for you to enjoy as well as water and variety of drinks. Breakfast will be provided to all race participants inside the clubhouse and spectators can purchase breakfast for $5.

Will there be restrooms on the course?

Restrooms are located at the Start / Finish inside the Clubhouse.

Is the race rain (or snow) or shine?

It is always our intention to complete the race as scheduled and ever attempt will be made to do so if it is safe to do so. Our inclement weather policy is as follows:

In the case of rain and thunderstorms on race day we will enact the following safety measures. Our goal is to do everything in our power to host a complete race. We will delay the race only if necessary. Cancellation is our very last resort and will only be considered after all the following measures have been taken on race day.

In the case of only rain or clear weather we will plan for an on-time start and complete the race as planned.

In the case of lightning we will delay the race start to at least 15 minutes after the last lightning strike within the area. We will not race on the course if lightning is present but will continue to race when the lightning ceases and has moved from the area.

If lightning is present during the race we will stop the race and ask athletes to leave the course. Athletes wishing to continue may get back on course 15 minutes after the lastlightning strike. Any racer wanting to continue will do so at their own risk. Once we are clear of lightning we will restart or continue the race.

In the case of prolonged lightning and storms in the area, we will consider a late race start later after consulting with law enforcement and the National Weather Service.

If inclement weather is predicted, we may adjust race course.